Expansion Joint

Complete line of expansion joint system from small movement capacity up to more than three meter wide gap expansion joint. From simple single gap movement expansion joint to multi directional modular type. Internationally approved and Philippine Department of Highways approved products.


A wide range of fendering systems from Shibata FenderTeam, merging Japanese expertise in quality and European high standard. Catering to worldwide requirements and bringing up to date technology for Philippine port use. From small fenders to maximum of more than three meter HT SPC fender. Products include other advanced fender systems and marine products.

Engineered Rubber

Engineered rubber products formulated and produced to cater to varied building and bridge requirements from isolation, absorption, structural protection, safety devices and a wide range of other rubber products engineered to comply with industry standards.

Metal Works

Specialize in architectural metal works combining aesthetic and structural requirements of diversified projects from building metal works requirement to infrastructure and other light to medium heavy structural works. Our metal work line completes the project requirements by including in our scope all allied materials such as ultra clear glass, and other attached architectural materials.