OROFLEX EXPANSION JOINT, is a registered trade name under ORO-FILIPINO ENT. & DEV’T. CORP. wide range of expansion joint and seals product. It has been widely used both in local and international seismic treatment or expansion joint requirements.
OROFLEX EXPANSION JOINT, is a multiple direction expansion joint system that is ideal for both longitudinal and traverse application in bridges and other seismic treatment requiring an effective expansion joint system.
OROFLEX EXPANSION JOINT can accommodate variable movement of up to 330mm (on special size module). Made from special rubber compound with integral laminated load bearing support that enhance the movement capabilities of the joint. This engineering design accommodate multi directional movement making the expansion joint system effective and durable.
OROFLEX EXPANSION JOINT, when installed properly can accommodate multi-directional movement, including vertical movements caused by vibration as well as expansion and contraction of the joint.
OROFLEX EXPANSION JOINT, is a proven system that is resistant to most oils and petrol spillage thereby making it ideal for its designed application. The expansion joint system resistance to UV aging and ozone are exceptional with wide range of climate temperature from freezing to tropical condition thereby making it a universal choice.
OROFLEX EXPANSION JOINT, is delivered as per client requirements, cut to accommodate actual end conditions during site installation, crowning, skew angle and even gutter bends. Our expertise includes factory cutting and fit-up to the exact required size.